Mini Mart City Park 6525 Ellis Avenue South, Georgetown, Seattle

An Old Filling Station Is Reborn

The project’s home, 6525 Ellis Ave South, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle is a vacant corner lot with a derelict, condemned building that sits across the street from Boeing Field.  A gas station built in the early 30’s; Perovich Bros. stored fuel for Boeing during the Second World War.  Two 20-thousand gallon underground storage tanks were buried on the lot in addition to the standard tanks under the pumps in the front of the station.  It survived as a family owned gas station until it went out of business in the 70’s due to the Arab Oil Embargo.  It then became a drycleaners, further lending to the soil’s toxicity.  The building has been sporadically occupied since the mid 80’s and vacant for the last 8 years. Touring the Puget Sound area in search of a pilot site for our project, we came across scores of these abandoned properties primarily in poorer neighborhoods.  The social, economic, environmental and health benefits of parks are widely known.  Coupled with the social and economic benefits of a vibrant local art scene and community organizations, this project will prove to be an invaluable resource for the community.

Posted July 2nd, 2013