Mini Mart City Park 6525 Ellis Avenue South, Georgetown, Seattle

Transforming a Former Gas Station into a Pocket Park

Mini Mart City Park is a community-focused, brownfield revitalization project that will transform and re-purpose a former gas station into a pocket park, public sculpture, and community center.  This multifaceted project is blurring the boundaries between public art, architecture, environmental activism and green design. The site will be transformed both visually and functionally, working with concepts like urban forests and environmental sustainability, re-inscribing them as art into the domain of everyday life.   Mini Mart City Park is a vision of what happens when the urban landscape is given back to nature, and the community that inhabits it. The structure, while keeping the aesthetic of a corner convenience store, will be converted into not only a truly “green” building, but also a living work of art. This project aims to provide a potential new model for small site brownfield remediation and a multi-purpose public green space available to the community.


Posted July 2nd, 2013