Mini Mart City Park 6525 Ellis Avenue South, Georgetown, Seattle

Environmental Assessment


Environmental Assessment History

Shortly after taking control of the site, we received assistance from the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle and the King County Brownfields Program for a two-phase environmental assessment.  Phase I was completed in October of 2008 and identified numerous potential sources of previously unknown contamination. A few months later, Phase II testing began by drilling to a depth of twenty feet throughout the site for the collection of soil and groundwater samples, the installation of monitoring wells and ground penetrating radar. While this testing was underway, 4Culture became a major supporter of the project, awarding funds that will ultimately be used for land acquisition and construction.

Phase II was completed in May of 2009 confirming the presence of petroleum and diesel in the soil and groundwater and indicated possible on and off-site sources for the contamination.  We sought additional funding for another, more comprehensive round of testing through the US Environmental Protection Agency. We received an EPA grant in partnership with the City of Seattle for The Targeted Brownfields Assessment that began in July of 2010 and was completed on April 21, 2011.

A final UST (Underground Storage Tank) investigation was funded by the King County Brownfields Program was completed on August 3, 2012 and confirmed that all of the underground storage tanks had been removed. This also facilitated the removal of an old underground hydraulic hoist that could have been a potential source of future contamination.

Posted March 12th, 2013